Friday, October 24, 2014

Video Game Search Engine Expands On Google

Google is catching up on the times and expanding it's search engine to include video games. Now I don't mean that you couldn't find game info via Google before this recent update. What it means is Google's Knowledge Graph will now provide more specific details on a video game after you hit that Search button. Release dates, publisher info, review scores, platforms, and more will now be listed to the right of the search terms, just as if it were a movie or television show search. This also expands into voice searches as well.

But not mobile games.

With the update, you can even ask questions for Google and it will determine the best answer with the detailed databases it is now pulling from. The "People also search for" feature is included as well to lead you into more games that maybe you wouldn't have considered in your playlist before.

Good work Google. Keep at it.


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