Friday, November 28, 2014

Play-Through Reviews-Borderlands:The Pre-Sequel Part 3

Otherwise known as: We have gravity again and the butt stomping stopped.

A belated Happy Turkey Day for those of you who celebrate. I've been busy playing catch-up on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel since I have been unable to play over the past few weeks. Decided to start over with the Jack Doppleganger as my main character. Lasted about an hour until Level 4 and the first boss fight before I had to stop and make Thanksgiving dinner, and just got onto the moon.

So scratch that. I need to finish the main story first before bouncing around to another character. Back to Nisha I went and onward with the quest to stop that laser and take back Helios Station!

I had stopped in my previous play-through at the point where I was going to go back to the station. No more side-quests. Awesome. It was good to feel the story progressing. Up to this point I felt like I was getting lost in the petty fetch and kill motions that the fun of the game was lost. Being able to move forward and into the primary plot line gave me a kick of energy. And with that gravity returned. Which sucks for super butt stomping, something I have become accustomed to as part of my arsenal. Now you can still butt stomp in a gravity environment - it requires you to double jump, holding the second jump for a moment and then slamming to the ground. It works better as you are going downhill. But when you rely on it as a tool for killing the bad guys, to have it removed really sucks.

And I had to swap to a laser gun as my weapon of choice. By this point in the game baddies and plentiful and move around A LOT. In fact, too much. I was incredibly annoyed at how damn jumpy the mercenaries at Helios Station were. As well as the bugs. /sigh Too much skittering and plane clipping causing enemies to get stuck in the environment - making it impossible to fight them but they are more then capable of killing you while sitting in a container.


While Nisha's Showdown skill made targeting the rolling and flying targets really well, nothing can help stop bad guys stuck in the wall. Yippie.

The difficulty level of the mobs was more then I had anticipated.  It feels like they were trying too much to beef up the levels without giving the player a chance to breathe. I barely felt like I had a moment to just sit and swap out weapons before another wave of enemies came along. I think the first time I had a breather was just before we went into the Eye of Helios - which is pretty much near the end of your time on the station! Yea!

Despite these set-backs, the story really picked up. I felt like I was witnessing the transformation of Jack from wannabe hero to anti-villain, and ultimately into the villain that we know. You watch him as he kills an AI to source her code for a super machine. He kills a group of scientists, assuming one is a mole, to help preserve his path to retake the station. You see him break down in front of you, and it made me want to give him a hug. He looked like he needed a hug...before you backhanded him.

I like where the primary story is going. The game has peaked my interest again and I can not wait to see what happens next, now that we're off to the vault!


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