Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Real Blood for Game Blood

Blood Sport, the first game that encourages real life blood loss, has been suspended by Kickstarter because of, well, blood. Real blood. The small Canadian company Brand & Grotesque developed a modified peripheral that would draw blood from the gamer anytime they took damage in the game. The blood loss wouldn't be wasted - in fact the purpose behind this concept was to encourage blood donations at clinics around Canada. The game and set-up would only be available at blood banks and medical centers, and any "blood loss" would be donated to the clinic.

The goal was pretty lofty, $250,000, and would require an insane amount of set-up to take the equipment on a country-wide tour. Not to mention the sanitation and sterility concerns. And there is no way of knowing just how much blood the peripheral would take on each hit. There has to be a limit, and what then? Does the game stop when you can no longer donate blood? And how would the equipment know if they took too much blood from your body?

Just thinking about it is making me dizzy.

There are too many questions and health concerns with this project. Kickstarter has invoked their right to not speak about suspended projects. And all Brand & Grotesque wanted to do was raise awareness about donating blood. Well...they got people's attention.


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