Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Game Awards: VGA/VGX 5.8?

I love the title Forbes game this article: Is 2014 the Year Gamers And Developers Finally Get A Legitimate Awards Ceremony?

You mean...something besides the crap that SpikeTV offers? No way. Hang on. I need to stretch the out like the Goth Kids on South Park. *clears throat*

No waaaahhhhhhyyyyy.

Something strange and mysterious popped up on the internet last night simply titled 'The Game Awards.' A countdown clock has ensued and in 24 days (December 5th) in Las Vegas, Nevada, it will begin. At the very bottom of the page you'll find a surprising note that this partiular awards show has no affiliation with SpikeTV or Viacom Media. So it's not the VGA's. Wait. VGX. Forgot about that name change. But it is produced by Geoff Knightly who developed the VGA's. Ah crap. Deterrent factor is on high alert! It also doesn't help that we're only hearing about this award show less then a month from it's opening night. During a holiday season no less. What a great time to rush together a last minute trip to Vegas when flight prices are skyrocketing. Good call Knightly. Good call.

Sadly, I don't think the list of guests will help influence people's choices to attend: Jideo Kojima, Peter Moore, and the Reggmyster. They're also on the 'advisory board' for selecting the winners. To be fair, there are other video game award "shows" out there that are more industry driven, less pandering to the general audience. Such as the Game Developer Choice Awards and the Independent Game Festival (17 years and counting). But they are on the level of the Emmy or Oscar Technical Awards. They're great to have and show that your hard work has paid off, but no one in the general public cares about them, nor do they know that you exist. I WISH the tech awards were broadcasted for audiences. I want to see the people behind the scenes that made everything happen. Sure you need Gandolf in front of a green screen to act, but you need the 50 people behind that camera to make the magic come together. I'm fairly certain this is a rehash of the SpikeTV show, but with a different coat of paint. Even the vague description of the show content is reminiscent of the VGX: it will celebrate the love of gaming, look at the upcoming hits of 2015, reveal new trailers, and have fun categories.

VGX. New coat of paint. You can watch it on XBox Live, PS Home, Nintendo, and Steam (at least they're hitting all of the platforms), but really why would you waste your time? I'll just sit back and wait on the D-List celebrities that have 0 relations to gaming to.


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