Monday, November 10, 2014

WoW Mom/Grandma Coping With Illness By Gaming

In 2010, comedianne Andie Bolt learned about her mother's cancer. Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET)/Carcinoids. It's the same type that Steve Jobs had, and she was given 6 months to live. So what did she do to help her through the pain? She played World of Warcraft.

And now it has the potential to be a documentary. With over a hundred hours of footage to pour through, WoW Mom - A Documentary About Cancer and Gaming, has gone to Kickstarter to look for funds to finish the project.

The entire adventure did start in 2010 when Bolt ended up on a Nerdist broadcast and was interviewed by Chris Hardwick. When asked about her standup, she mentioned that she joked about her mother's illness and her need to play WoW as a means of helping her through the rough patch.

“We have to send your mom to BlizzCon!”

Hardwick was clearly on board with making Bolt's mother have the best memories that she can as a new found gamer. And that's what happened! She went to BlizzCon. And since then Bolt has filmed multiple events with her mother and wants to show the world what gaming did to help her and their family.

"Centered around gamer/cancer patient Terry Bolt and her relationship with her daughter, Andie Bolt, WoW MoM shines a light on the positive effects of the online gaming community while at the same time raising awareness for NET/Carcinoids and helping erase the stigma around talking about cancer."

 The money is going towards recouping some basic costs on equipment used in making the film, and for editing a rough cut which will then be shopped around to independent production companies for distribution. There isn't a guarantee that this will air at a national theater, but maybe we can hope for a direct-to-Netflix version. Worthy cause. I'd like to see a positive outcome from this.


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