Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How Does One Handle Developing A Game A Week?

It shouldn't be a surprise that most video games have a long development cycle - even mobile apps can take months to produce before they are out to the general public. Which is why I'm posting about Adriel Wallick insane idea to make a game a week for 2014. That's 52 games in 52 weeks. As someone who has a tiny bit of coding skills, the thought of it is hurting my brain on a physical level I never expected. How does one do this? By themselves no less?

Her journey is almost completed and she has posted a blog to Gamasutra reviewing her progress. Wallickis an indie game developer. She was a programmer for weather satellites before moving to gaming, working on titles such as Rock Band Blitz. She currently develops game jams and well as her own projects. The start of her 52 game challenge sounds very reminiscent of how The Geek Spot began:

"When I started Game a Week, I was really just trying to find my motivation. As I've said so many times before, I started adhering to these self-imposed guidelines as a way to force myself into productivity. I quickly found that by creating a deadline - no matter how inconsequential the ramifications for not meeting the deadline were - there was suddenly this air of importance attached to the task at hand."

And like all of us, there is the post-blues cycle when it all comes to an end. You are happy the project is done, but you don't want it to be over. It's a cool concept - I wish she would post her games so we can experience her work. The full weekly blogging episodes can be found on Ms Minotaur.


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