Monday, December 01, 2014

Largest Game Collection For Sale - Again

The World's Largest Video Game Collection is back up for sale. Michael Thomasson initially had his collection sold through GameGavel for just over $750,000 USD. Unfortunately the winning bidder was unable to provide payment and kept delaying the purchase, allowing/forcing Thomasson to keep his games.

So he's looking to try again under multiple options: possibly selling off the collection in smaller chunks, or to go directly to a local gamer for a discounted sale because it's less hassle with shipping. He may even put it up for auction at Christie's so who knows. Rawrcade reached out to Thomasson for details about the bidder that fizzled out and the future of the collection. The biggest concern for Thomasson is getting a sale fast, but not at the loss of the worth of the collection. He's dealing with family and medical concerns where selling the games would really come in handy right about now. It's a massive collection, and to get a piece of it would be great for any game enthusiast. Stay up to date with Good Deal Games for potential collection sales.


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