Mobile Game In The Neverending Story of Lohan

In a twist to all things Lindsay Lohan, on December 12th a mobile game tied to her likeness was released on iTunes and Google Play called "Lindsay Lohan's Price of Fame." Yes, this was done with her consent - her name is in the title after all. Maybe this is the proverbial middle finger to Take-Two and Rockstar for GTA5. Or it's a chance to grab cash after seeing the huge success of Kim Kardashian's mobile game.

My god...what is happening to this blog? I have talked about Kim Kardashian twice, and Lindsay Lohan 3 times this year. Media personalities need to get out of games and off my blog.

Just like the Kardashian game, you start out from the bottom of the chain and work your way to the top to become famous. Lohan's game is quote-unquote more drama ridden, according to the game's description and her website. The game was developed by Space Inch and works like every other freemium title out there. You can download the product for free and play for a bit, but if you want to speed things up or get trendier clothes for your avatar, you've gotta pay.

Well...if this is your type of game go for it. I need to find something digital and fuzzy to shoot to regain my sanity. Maybe a romp through Diablo 3 will help.