Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Steam Broadcast Is Beta-Live

Not one to be left behind, Valve introduced a new feature to it's platform yesterday: Steam Broadcast. The feature is now available as a beta and requires no additional purchases, fee's apps, and all that jazz - it's included in the latest Steam update.

But unlike Twitch, Steam's version of game streaming focuses more on comradery and your friends. I.E. it's limited to watching what your friends are playing and there is currently no way to stream your game time to a wider audience. To activate it, simply go to your Friend's List and select the "Watch Game" option. That's it! You'll be able to view what your friends are playing, live. The update also includes a new dashboard for viewing your friend's games.

Again, this is still in the beta and we don't know if Steam plans to expand on it. Right now this version of game streaming is very different from Twitch - which allows streaming to the public. Private streaming for friends is a twist. Actually, I kind of like it. While I enjoy the Let's Play videos, gaming with friends will always be a front runner on things to do during my free time. Let's see what Valve comes up with next.


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