Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Interview Is Coming To (some) Theaters

Sony has reached a tentative deal with YouTube to stream the once shelved The Interview starting as early as this afternoon! Rentals of the film will be $5.99, or to purchase a full copy it'll be $14.99.

Logic has prevailed!

While the investigation continues into the hacking situation, many people have admonished Sony, as well as Paramount Pictures for Team America: World Police, in their decision to pull the film after a number of the largest chains opted to not show the film. Instead, all of those independent places have been given permission to pick it up and add it to their schedules. Cinemark and AMC are going to hurt - it doesn't matter if The Interview is a good movie. It has such a high amount of draw right now because of the current situation that people are clamoring to see it. Within a few hours of the announcement, most theaters airing the film sold out through the weekend.

Of course I'll be watching it. I have to. And not because of the hype. I was interested in this prior to the madness because I like Seth Rogan's writing. He's not conventional and he speaks to a sector of the audience that mainstream films have yet to properly tap.

And now we wait for the reaction.


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