Friday, December 12, 2014

XBox Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin, the ever-evolving, ever-confusing digital currency, has been making waves over the past year, but it hasn't stopped the feature from growing. Now Microsoft has jumped into the fray and will accept Bitcoin for XBox and Windows-based devices to pay for games, music, movies, and apps.

Surprisingly, they were very quiet about the whole thing. The news broke over a Reddit thread regarding the currency trade, of all places. But for the new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, it's a necessary step forward for the company to be accepted as more modern. Being the third largest company in the world, Microsoft isn't known for innovation. They have staple products and we know what works with them, and what doesn't. And we're content with it. They don't drive technology forward like Google. Being a world-wide force that now takes digital currency? That's bold.

There are caveats, of course. Bitcoin is only available for US purchases. It can only be applied to digital, non-software purchases. So no, you can't get Microsoft Office with digital funds. And all sales are final. Because Bitcoins exchange rate fluctuates almost daily and can change from retail location to retail location, unlike paper money, your initial purchase could result in a larger or smaller refund depending upon what the current "rate" is. It's too much of a grey area to handle, so if you want that game you are keeping it. The system sounds very similar to how you accumulate XBox Live points. You make a purchase of points to load to your account. Then you take the points and spend it on the content you want to own. I'm curious to see how well people take to using this alternate means of payment.


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