Monday, January 12, 2015

GameStop Streaming Services Coming Soon?

The motto "better late then never" is very much GameStop's creed as the retailer looks to start streaming promotional content to customer's mobile devices and their stores. Imagine, GameStop on your phone 24/7.

That's a creepy thought.

The company plans to work with Microsoft and their cloud platform called Azure. With it, they plan to stream content to consumer's phones and Windows-based tablets everything from advertisements, to game trailers, and potentially a digital check-out process so that you don't even need the store associates! Well, except to put the game in the case... They also plan to expand the services for those who opt in to the promotional e-mails and marketing bursts. Customers can receive a customized shopping experience based on your past purchases and items of interest. Yes. GameStop does keep tabs on what you buy with your Edge Card. But now, they can use that to bring you more stuff if you want them to!

It's unsurprising that GameStop is moving down this path, but they're a little behind the curve. No word on a date of release, but if you're a GS fan, then step right up.


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