Thursday, January 01, 2015

In The Year 2014...

Stuff happened. I'm ending the year with 268 blog entries posted and looking forward to 2015. The past year was crap. Literal and physical. I've been through a lot of medical ups and downs that has started to level out. I've experienced death in my family, loss of funds, and the endless struggle that millions of American's are facing with looking for work. But there has been good news as well: engagements, marriages, good friends, new beginnings, and console wars.

As is tradition here at The Geek Spot, we must review the events of 2014. Let's see what was popular on the blog!

Top Searched Terms: thegeeknyou, is bayonetta sexist, bayonetta feminism, violent video games.

Porn has been knocked off the list! For 2 years Porn has been number 1in the search terms, but it was knocked out of the top 10 this time around. Instead you all are focusing your searches on violent video games and Bayonetta. I'm okay with this. :) Droopy Dog is #6 on the list. I don't know why...

Referral Sites: All of the Googles everywhere are pinging back here, which is a good thing. And VampireStat is still in the list. But mostly it's Google. Lots, and lots of Google.

What Browser: There are no surprises here. Browser usage is mirroring world-wide stats with Chrome being number 1, followed by Internet Explorer, Firefox, and then Safari. At least 80% of views are from a Windows OS computer. 7% are Mac, 5% are Linux, and the rest are on mobile platforms such as Android and iPhone. BTW this blog is optimized for mobile so feel free to browse during your lunch breaks.

Where Are You Reading: In an unexpected twist that is still baffling me, Ukraine has topped the views for 2014, followed by the U.S., France, Germany, the U.K., Australia, and Canada is back in the top 10. I'm surprised to see such a strong European presence. As I look down the list, virtually every country is listed in Europe before it hits to Asia and South America. Welcome Europeans! Glad I keep you entertained.

And last on the list, Most Read Posts Overall:

The Feminist Stance on Bayonetta - Still a popular one, and being featured in a college essay probably helped pushed the clicking. 7598 views.
Minecraft Helping The World - 4385 views.
Overturning Stereotype For Women Gamers - 4100 views.
Gay Fish Kanye West and Sexist Gaming - 3331 views.
The Game Awards...With Lasers! - 2850 views. I can't believe that many people have read the review...still better then the VGA's. VGX*** Sorry. Correction.


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