Monday, January 19, 2015

Is Rock Band 4 In Our Future?

Will a new Rock Band be coming soon? That's the buzz according to a survey released via social media posted by Harmonix, prompting fans and gamers to provide input on what they would like to see in a future Rock Band. The series is touted as fine-tuning the "band" process of the musical game genre. While we look to Guitar Hero as the king of metal, Rock Band provided us with a group experience, and variety.

This isn't the first time Harmonix has done this. Back in 2010 when the fad for music games began to cool, they prompted users to provide feedback on the type of band games they might be interested in for the future. The survey listed 5 bands ranging from U2 to The Eagles and asked would you buy their product. There was an optional fill in feature where I listed Depeche Mode, and then went back and said South Park. Because a South Park music game would be fantastic. Wouldn't you like to belt out 'Chocolate Salty Balls' from your living room and freak out your neighbors? I know I would.

The survey goes through the usual: location/country, which games do you own, which functional peripherals do you have, etc. It also asks you to rank which features of Rock Band kept you playing. Was it the music? The online multi-player? The ability to get DLC on a weekly basis? This time around there are no notes or fill-in-the-blank options. Sorry kids. But I do hope they will consider South Park as an option. Still. To this day. I will buy it. Guaranteed.

It's funny. We were just talking about Rock Band last night while I appeared as a guest on the podcast Trade Paper Hacks. My drum set has a layer of dust on it, while one of the hosts was playing his the night before. "People still play Rock Band?" Apparently so. Get ready to pull out those guitars from the depths of your closet, and hope that your microphone is still working.


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