Friday, February 06, 2015

Nintendo Restrictions on YouTube

Nintendo has begun it's YouTube adShare program submissions, much to the chagrin of many, and now boasts a 72 hour turn-around time with the massive pile of requests sent their way. The new program allows for users to be paid when using Nintendo products on their YouTube streams for promoting the content in a positive light.

But it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Several games have been excluded from the profit share such as:

Any and All Smash Brothers games.
3rd Party content: Bayonetta, Pokemon.

Given the popularity of all three titles at this time (Bayonetta 2, the newest Smash, and Pokemon because it's Pokemon), that's a huge chunk of content not available to those looking for ad sharing revenue. It also means Nintendo can save money by not having to pay out for all of those Smash videos.

And that 3rd Party content clause also means that your videos have to be completely clear of non-Nintendo characters. So I can see why Smash would not be allowed if you have the versions that include Snake and Sonic. But if you edit a Mario Kart Wii video to include a silly picture of Banjo-Kazooie, you are not eligible to receive revenue.

It's a delicate situation. Nintendo wants to start taking control over content being published on YouTube that involves their brand, while maintaining freedom to the users to play as they see fit. They reward the "good behavior" and ignore the people throwing in customer characters, mods, or saying something negative about the games. While most developers have a hands-off approach to YouTube and ad revenues, Nintendo is making a statement and if it works, I wouldn't be surprised if more followed their example.


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