The Online Gaming Culture and n00b Shaming

I warned you that some of the postings will be light. Here's one for today!

In a 'Talk Amongst Yourselves' article, Kotaku is asking if online video games are making us sociopaths? Online participation is part of the video game culture. The stats Kotaku posted regarding the increase of users going online to game is quite staggering given that just a decade ago we could barely deal with a 56k connection. With the number of people online, there are always a few that destroy the fun. These are the potential "sociopaths" the article is referring to. And based on the dictionary definition (someone who behaves in a violent or dangerous way but does not feel guilty about their actions) could easily describe some gamers.

Now this isn't to say ALL online gamers are sociopaths. Just the handful who feel it's necessary to tell us to "go die" or digitally hump our avatar's corpse in retaliation.

It's okay to be frustrated or a little bit upset if you lost a match. They are normal feelings. Your reaction is the key component that this article is focusing on. Do you remind yourself that "it's just a game" or do you go out of your way to make the other player/team's gaming lives a living hell?