Wednesday, February 25, 2015

West Making Another Game Based On Song

Kanye West, gay fish, wants to make another video game. His last game with musician Future for their song I Won spawned a flash game where you can throw expensive items at women as they walk across a beach, and "collect" them as trophy wives. As if that wasn't sexist enough...but maybe I'm being too harsh on Mister West, gay fish. Let's see what he wants to develop this time.

In an interview with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, West, gay fish, went over his concept: guiding his mother through the gates of heaven, and your goal is to get her to the highest tier/gate.

Well. Crap. Now I feel just a tiny bit guilty for the gay fish references. Only a bit. Not so much as to stop using them entirely, but I will for the rest of this article. That's pretty damn heartfelt West, what brought this on?

The idea spawned from one of his recent singles Only One, which is a hypothetical chat between West's mother and his daughter, North. His mother passed away in 2007.

As far as other details of the game, whether it's a flash game, an rpg, console, phone, whatever it may be, well that's all under wraps. We don't know details beyond the general concept. It's still an endearing thought. A boy who loves his mama that much that he wants to immortalize her in a video game about her journey through heaven.


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