Google Maps Has You Covered This April Fools Day

Google released their April Fools joke a day early, probably because it is too awesome to have it wait one more day. The jokes are becoming habitual each year with larger tech companies, and Google is no exception. They usually have banners to commemorate historical events. Today, for example, you'll see an image commemorating the 126th Anniversary of the Eiffel Tower made open to the public. It's cute and kitschy.

So what's Google's joke this time? Right now, you can play Pac-Man on Google Maps.

Yep. Just visit Google Maps and enter full-screen mode. The icon disappears if you adjust the window. It's best if you pick a map that has a lot of Paris France! At the bottom left you'll find an icon next to the world-map with good 'ol Pac-Man.

Enjoy the madness.