Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Link Roundup - Sounds, Dragon Age, and Missing Pieces

I feel like crap today. I'm going to blame my co-worker for jinxing me. So today you'll get an earlier then usual link round up.

Gaming writer and Twitter personality Chris Boudreau explores sounds in video games, and how important they are to the overall experience. It's more then adding a few bell dings and punches to the scenery. It's about timing, knowing when to build the action and drama, and crafting a piece that isn't overrun by excess noise. Sound, beyond the dialogue and music, are important to the world of games.

Speaking of sound and music, PlayStation Universe has a featured article about game composers you should know, focusing on Inon Zur. He has composed music for Fallout, Prince of Persia, Crysis, and Dragon Age, to name a few. He also has a really cool name; like a Superman villain.

And more Dragon Age content: sex! Naomi Alderman, who recently took over The Guardian's gaming column, is infatuated by the Inquisition character Dorian. Let's be honest though, who isn't at this point? Even playing for the other team doesn't stop us from admiring his character. Alderman's article focuses on the hopeful future of digital sex and relationships. Maybe one day there will be ethical VR porn. I don't know if I'm ready for that, but I'm sure some people are. Somewhere.

Shack News looks at 10 video game stories that never saw an ending. Some of these are game franchises cut too soon. Others are plot devices that are left open for tumbling through. The Haestrom Solar Storm in Mass Effect 2. It's that thing Tali and her Quarian team were researching when you finally get to recruit her for your suicide mission. They never really explain what it's involvement is to the rest of the game, or why Tali was so focused on it that she couldn't join you in the first place. It's all very hush, hush - secret, secret that bears no fruit to the rest of the game. Stuff like that. So thanks Shack News. Fun read.


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