Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mobile Gaming - Is It Nintendo's Future?

Astounding news from Nintendo. The company is now working with Japanese mobile gaming developer DeNA to release Nintendo products on personal devices that are not gaming systems. This is...well...big news. It's everything that Nintendo said they wouldn't do. They were focused on creating games for their systems and their systems alone. Nintendo doesn't share their products with others. That's one of the reasons why their quality levels are still high by comparison to other developers (Ubisoft I'm looking at you and Assassin's Creed: Unity with your creepy rendered heads) - they keep their stuff limited to their systems and refine the products.

It's a shock.

On the one hand I'm glad to see Nintendo is finally embracing the current trend of technology. People are mobile. They are spending less time in front of a computer or television screen, and more on their phones. Other developers have utilized the power of mobile gaming, and Nintendo could benefit from doing the same. Imagine the next Pokémon game on your cell phone, and the new interaction between friends and co-workers as you battle each other with digital furballs during your lunch break.

On the other, Nintendo is bucking it's tradition. As we have waited for Nintendo to get with the program, you can't deny their results by sticking to what has worked best. Their systems, even the Wii-U for it's slow start, are selling. People clamored for the new 3DS-XL. Copies of the Majora's Mask edition sold out in 15 minutes. We invest ourselves into Nintendo because we know that we are getting great, quality games on systems that will last. I still have my original NES. Compared to the 5 XBox 360's my brother had to replace for the red ring of death. Will moving their games to mobile cause the quality to change?

Now don't fret fanboys. Nintendo is not abandoning consoles. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's President, said so, and they have plans for a new system by next year. And the games created for the mobile platform will be all new content, so no ports of previously released titles. Your precious cargo is safe.

But this is Nintendo. NINTENDO. They don't even involved themselves with PC gaming. This is a huge shake-up for the gaming world. I'll wager a bet that they are going to be on top of DeNA for all types of controls to ensure their characters are represented properly in the new gaming content.


  1. Hi I just stumbled upon your blog by accident. It looks pretty good so far. I just made a post on this subject on my blog, you can see it in my name. I'll be looking around this site a bit more when I get a chance. :)

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! I saw your blog post about the topic and it's well informed and insightful. Keep up the great work!


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