Monday, March 02, 2015

Tech World and Poverty

Quick post with a full blog episode later. I stumbled upon an interactive opinion piece on CNN that combines photography, video, interviews, and infographs about the child poverty situation in Silicon Valley. Poverty in the tech world? What?

Yep. For the thousands of great jobs one can earn in the industry, there are tens of thousands of standard labor (administrative assistants, warehouse, transit, etc.) that are paid at the national average. Which is fine if you live in Dayton, Ohio where rent averages at $664 a month. In Silicon Valley you're looking at $2,500 a month on the low end of the spectrum, upwards of $35,000 a year in many locations for an apartment. That's as much as most new cars for 2015. And children are at the crux of it, many going without food or shelters because it's too expensive to live, and too expensive to leave.

I'm posting this not only to showcase the trouble with our economy and the glaring difference in income equality, but at how unique the piece is. It's not an a-typical story and it's told in a way that forces you to think. I like it.


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