Wednesday, April 01, 2015

April 1st Link Round-Up

It's April 1st, or April Fools Day. It seems to be mostly a Western "tradition" and a number of people join in on the "fun." As many great men have said, only the amateurs are able to fool people on April 1st. The experts can fool people all year long.

A number of companies have gotten into the spirit and have made it a day to look forward too...sometimes. Google Maps released their Pac-Man inspired game a day early. Not quite a "joke" but a well crafted piece of entertainment. In 2012 Cartoon Network turned over their reigns to revive Toonami for a night, and it sparked a petition to bring the power-block of anime back to station.

I don't do the "April Fools" thing. If I'm going to prank someone, I want it to be at a time when they least expect it. But there are game developers who have unleashed a few goodies for those interested.

GameSpot rounded up the hoaxes for the day, some of them playable!

CNN has found some of the best and worse fools jokes on the net.

NBC News has a few as well, mostly tweets. Also Google's backwards new search engine. And yes, you can use it to find thing.

But if you're looking for some history, how about some 1940's jokes, courtesy of Time?


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