Monday, April 13, 2015

Board Games Making a Comeback?

International Tabletop Day has come and gone, but it's still creating a buzz around the internet. As the geeky niche of the gaming community, more people are turning to the creativity of board games with a renewed vigor. Celebrities backing the event also helps.

It's interesting to see how much tabletop games have gained revenue of the past few years. In 2013, Hasbro saw a 10% increase in sales. TV shows like Family Game Night and the spin-off advertising campaigns have been pushing Monopoly and DnD back into people's homes. Justin Becker, father of 3, saw it as a new way to connect with his children. You don't need the television or video games to have a good time, which is true (as much as I'd hate to admit it).

One thing that I noticed at PAX South this year was the amount of board games on the expo floor. Not just in the pen and paper section, but on the main stage as well. A number of independent developers are incorporating card games or DnD-like manuals for people to have their own tabletop version of the video game. Even Dragon Age has a tabletop RPG game. It was interesting to see just how much board games are permeating into the rest of the non-geeky culture.

No numbers have been released yet on how many people participated in Tabletop day this year, but I'd imagine with the amount of press involved, it's going to be a number they didn't expect.


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