Thursday, April 16, 2015

Games To Help DUI Awareness

In preparation for 4/20, the unofficial day of the year where marijuana is celebrated, police in Colorado have come up with a clever way to remind people that getting high and driving is still illegal. They've installed video game-like kiosks to help inform the public at Mary Jane dispensaries around the state.

Colorado became one of the first states in the U.S. to legally sell marijuana, and for a year it's been good business. The state takes a tax cut, that would be why. But another problem has occurred for police. CDOT, the transportation regulators for Colorado, issued a survey that found that 20% of drivers didn't know that they could get a DUI for driving while high. Another 50% have driven while high.

DUI is driving under the influence. Most people assume that's only alcohol. But it's not. "Under the Influence" is the consumption of anything that can alter your state of mind, inhibit your actions, or cause you to not think clearly. This can be prescription medications (that's why a lot of them are labeled with "don't use heavy machinery" on the side of the bottle) as well as medical marijuana. Even if you're able to use it legally, it's no different then alcohol. If it's open, out, and used, it's a DUI.

CDOT has set up the kiosks to look like an old-school game center. When you walk up to them, a message will flash about driving while high, and allow you to play a free game to let your buzz die down.

They are targeting young adults as well as the 4/20 event in downtown Denver. They are also sponsoring yellow cabs that will be available to hep drive people home after their pot-in.

Hey, if it helps teach one person the importance of being sober while driving, I'm all for it. 


  1. It’s a serious situation that there are drivers who didn't know that they could get a DUI for driving while on high. We need to spread more awareness regarding drunk driving. An experienced DUI lawyer is aware of complexities of the law. My friend works with a DUI lawyer and let me know if I can be of any help.

  2. What the Colorado police did was good. They got their message across using familiar platforms, and right at the center of the masses where it can be effectively utilized. And you are correct; DUI does not necessarily mean only alcohol, it can be any substance that makes you incapable of functioning clearly. Thank you for sharing this!

    Stephanie Waters @ Chastaine Law

  3. All of these are charming, but the gravity of pot-induced DUI must be stressed. Sure, the police must inform, in ways that are relatable and doesn't nag, but people must be made wary of using marijuana while driving. Furthermore, their perception must be changed so that they don't just associate DUI with alcohol. That's the other thing that the police can work on - associating DUI with other substances more explicitly.

    Kim Hunter

    1. Very true. I think in the US we've been drilled to think of DUI as alcohol related only. There is a dire need for better education on what a DUI is, not just from police, but from driving schools, educators, parents, everyone really.

      Thanks for your comment!


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