Hunger Games Theme Park...It's Becoming a Thing

Warning: Today's post is not gaming related. But it seems geeky enough to comment on. And the concept is...ridiculous.

There have been rumors circulating for a while that there was going to be a Hunger Games theme park, based off the popular novel series and the even more financial-worthy movies. I want to believe that it started as a joke, with the Harry Potter attractions being built at Universal Studios in Florida. "Ride through the train to the Capital city and be selected as a Tribute!" Um. No? That's horrible. I don't want to be one of the kids selected to "represent" my sector and have a 1/24 chance of surviving. How is that considered "fun" to be a theme park?

Well the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed have confirmed that the park is underway in Dubai. Lionsgate, the production company behind the films, issued a press release that they are teaming up with Dubai Parks and Resorts to create MotionGate, a Lionsgate Theme Park. So it wouldn't be just about The Hunger Games, but other franchises as well such as the dance-off series Step-Up.

No really. Look at the press release. Step-Up is mentioned as a stage show.

The park will take up 4 million square-feet and will feature 27 different technology-based rides. The attraction company estimates that up to 3 million people will visit the park yearly, with a 2016 opening projection date.

Dubai Parks and Resorts is expecting to be the go-to service in the coming years, as they are also building the first LEGOLAND theme park in the region, and a Bollywood Park (first in the world).

I'm trying to imagine with a Lionsgate park would look like. They hold the rights to the Divergent novels. But they also produced the movies Lolita, Dogma, Fahrenheit 911, and American Psycho. A simulated ride about being Patrick Bateman, wealthy bank investor who is a secret serial killer? And then you walk down the street to the next attraction, where you can secretly lust over a 14 year old girl...

Okay. That got really creepy, very quickly. Maybe a Hunger Games central theme isn't a bad idea by comparison? It's still weird, though.