Kotaku Now Posting NotAlwaysRight-Like Stories

Game store employees! Kotaku is taking your submissions for outrageous customer hijinks for a monthly series or retail horror stories. E-mail Jason Schreier and he'll take it from there.

Some of the stories are long-winded. Others are missing some key components on the humor (I still don't find the nunchuck story all that amusing when it ends with a death threat). But in general, you can now read what I've been saying for years: there are some crazy customers out there who love to frequent video game stores.

Except the last story. No game relation at all. Just someone commenting on a customer's appearance.

In general, these stories are tame. I've read and heard a lot of stories at corporate working in customer service. There are a lot of nutty things that happen in the stores, and the vast majority are the customer's doing. I point to the Wii Pee story I posted last year.

But if you need a lighthearted chuckle, check out Kotaku's Untold Customer stories from game stores (and the one that wasn't gaming related).