Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Credit Card Sized Console Now Crowdfunding

The Arduboy is now up on Kickstarter!

The mini hand-held system was designed by Kevin Bates to be the ultimate business card. A way to show people his skill as an engineer by handing them a gaming device instead of the standard paper/plastic card. Last year after a showing of the Aduboy at a small trade-show with Tetris, Bates decided the product was worth a risk. He quit his job, packed up and moved to China to refine the device.

The first 1,000 backers are able to pre-order the Arduboy. The Kickstarter is at 1,700+ donations so sorry folks. No pre-orders for you. But there are other perks still available, such as a laser-etched Arduboy, a Developers pack, and a Friend's pack (where you get 5 Arduaboy's for you and your pals).

The handheld device is an open platform to create, share, and play games on the size of a credit card. The game's main arcade system will contain free downloadable products. Because the algorithms in the system need to be simple due to the smaller size, the unit is being toted as a great way to get people interested in programming. The original design of visible wires is still in place, but with a more secure faceplate. It holds a 32KB Flash, a USB 2.0 port, and it's on the Arduino platform. So yes, you'll have to learn a new system to program, but for such a nifty piece of hardware, it's worth it.

It even has Bill Nye's approval. Clearly, it's full of win.


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