Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Steam Greenlight Project Killed For Hate Towards Gays

Remember yesterday when it was mentioned that Steam developers now have the power to ban unruly players? It didn't absolve said developers from potential banning for putting out "hate related" content.

A game titled "Kill the F@gg0t" (I have intentionally changed the spelling of the word to 1337 Speak since I do not approve of the use of the word), drew such widespread condemnation from gamers that it was pulled within hours after it's Monday upload. The game was developed by a man named Randall Herman from California, a Christian shoe promoter. Why there are such a thing as "Christian shoes" I don't know. Why one would need to promote said shoes is even more puzzling. But according to Arts Technica.com, the project was given the okay with Steam's Greenlight initiative. It's believed that the concept was written to look like a satire, when it's anything but.

The game is very crude, taking on an arcade shooter feel where your goal is to, what else, shoot gay and transgender individuals for points. And that's it. With unintelligent dialogue "Oops! I dropped the soap," this is anything but a funny game. It's just hate speech.

Herman's public profiles have been removed after the backlash, but he claims to have worked to help develop Call of Duty: Black Op's and Disney Infinity. He was listed as a QA on his LinkedIn profile for the companies involved in said titles, before that too was taken down.

It just goes to show that people will weasel themselves through any system to put their crap out there for the internet to consume.

Is this normal for Steam? Of course not. This is one game that got through the system that was meant to encourage independent developers and, somehow, it happened. Hopefully this won't force Steam to close off that portal.


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