Amazon Is Now Hiring for PC Game Development

Good morning readers. Or gamers. Well you're most likely both, so...just good morning! I'm back from Project A-Kon and have lots of fun things to share. But let's return to our normal programming with some gaming news.

Internet super-retailer Amazon is striving to beef up their video game development team. Yep. They want to make video games. Last year they purchased Double Helix Games, which produced Silent Hill: Homecoming and Front Mission Evolved. They are currently working on a PC game and have a huge list of job positions available. No details about the game or it's potential release have been announced yet. Kim Swift's post, who is Amazon's Senior Designer, didn't get picked up until a sponsored ad on Gamasutra landed it as front page news on June 5th. Since then, applications have boomed.

"Our team in Seattle has worked on a lot of great titles including Portal, Left for Dead, Half Life 2, Dota 2, World of Warcraft, Halo, Infamous, Shadows of Mordor, and many others. We want people that are driven to make the best games in the industry. We're looking to take interesting risks, and invent!"

If you're interested in a position, visit their LinkedIn profile to find out more. Of course I'm curious to find out what type of game they are developing. Currently Amazon does have a controller available for $40 to use with their Amazon Fire TV set-top. It provides access to a library of over 700 games and GameFly access. Adding PC content to the list would be a new direction for development.