Disney Going VR?

At E3 this week, a few of Disney's team members dropped hints that they were exploring virtual reality with Disney Interactive, and bringing in Disney Infinity as one of the starting titles. Given the hype over Occulus Rift and Hologram Minecraft this week, there's no surprise that one of the largest entertainment companies in the world wants to jump into the mix.

One of the ways VR could easily be introduced into Infinity is through the new Toy Box mode, which allows different backgrounds and characters to interact with each other. This could be expanded with AR or VR if implemented and allow for more interaction between the users and the game.

Infinity is still doing quite well in sales, enough to introduce a new line of figures from Star Wars, expansions to the game pack. Some of those will be exclusive to the PS4, such as the Boba Fett figure.

The concern with VR is that it'll be another fad like 3D. VR has made attempts in the past with VirtuaBoy and it fell flat. But as a whole, it's still new technology by comparison to 3D. In film, 3D has existed in some form or another since the 1910's. That has always gone through ebbs and flows of interest, and has always, and always will be, a fad. Even James Cameron, who brought it back into style, thinks it's done. VR is still fairly fresh and new to the eyes of the consumer. It's not settled in theme park rides and tourist traps. And the results that we've seen this week have proven that there is an interest.

The real question is will consumers buy it for the long term?