Ouya Looking To Sell

Ouya, the little console that could, has done marginally well for itself as an independent source for developers and fans of retro games. But as is the thing in the business world, the company may soon be purchased by Razer, the PC accessory king. The deal is in the final stages, according to sources, but Ouya's big concern is making sure their staff will still have jobs once the deal is finalized.

While Ouya is most likely to continue as a console and app developer, the system will surely change once Razer buys them out. It highlights the trend of the industry to be a small business, make a name for yourself, and then sell your company. Sometimes it's for a payout. Other times it's to help improve the product and branch out.

Ouya seems to be part of the latter. While the console was a critical darling, it hasn't made enough in returns to keep the company moving. Even after the huge boost from Kickstarter, from business partners such as NVidia, and international resale site Alibaba. And they seemed to top out over Mad Catz interactive and other smaller businesses, but in April they announced their sale to help regain capital and stem the tide of debt. The big thing that Ouya is without is advertising dollars. By comparison to Amazon and Apple, who also offer similar products (though not specifically for games only), are able to market to their hearts content. Ouya has a smaller budget, and being purchased by a larger company will help improve sales, they feel.

We don't know what the details of the sale will be. If Razer will keep Ouya and it's digital library, if it'll be integrated into Razer's own set-top box, or if Ouya will be dismantled. The current owners wish for Ouya to stay, so all we can do is wait.