Thursday, August 06, 2015

Weekly Link Round-Up

The chills, the spills, the thrills that is the Weekly Link Round-Up, where we gather up the most interesting, and sometimes abysmal, video game stories from around the web and present them to you in an easily, digestible format. Here is what's up this week:

- If you care at all about celebrities and video games, here's another one. Nicki Minaj, the pop singer, and one time American Idol judge, is working with developer Glu to create a mobile game centering around her. If the developer sounds familiar, it's because they worked on the Kim Kardashian game that took off. No details on the game, but it'll include her voice, her likeness, and she'll be involved in the "creative direction" of the content. Whatever that means.

- Ford is asking video game developers to help fix transportation issues. And I'm sure that sounds really confusing given that the statement came from one of the largest automobile makers in the world. The Ford Smart Mobility Challenge was announced at Gamescon yesterday in an attempt to help drive innovation and positive change for transportation. They are prompting developers, and gamers, to come up with new apps and designs that will help make travelling not only efficient, but safe and comfortable. And of course it'll all be Ford branded. Because marketing.

- CinemaBlend dives into why video game photography is becoming a thing. It's actually been "a thing" for a while, but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt in their lack of timing. But! What makes this article worth a read is that it's coming from the point of view of a photographer and a gamer. Unlike past attempts where photojournalists hand the controls over to someone else while they peer over their co-workers shoulders, this man actually plays games. He finds the moments that are worth photographing and it takes on a whole new meaning. Go read this. It's worth your time.

- If you're like the other fans of Destiny, then you already know that Peter Dinklage has been fired from his role in the game, and will be replaced by another actor. This includes his voice over role as well. By who you may ask? None other then gamer favorite Nolan North. That should be an interesting shock when the next DLC is released.

- Do you like heavy metal? Good. Because Metal Underground looks at the video games that had super cool, heavy rifts soundtracks. And we don't mean Rock Band.

- And finally, someone at is really unhappy with Konami. In fact, they are being bold and claiming that the only thing Konami hates more then you is Silent Hill, and video games. The "logic" behind their argument is hilarious. Konami is dumping their gaming content left and right, not giving a care about their fanbase. But that's okay! Because they're still turning a profit somehow. It really reads of a fanboy getting super ticked at Konami's corporate choices, and he finally had enough. Enjoy the hate-fueled rant!


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