Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Capcom To Release Resident Evil FPS

Tokyo Game Show is this week. My how time flies. This year is just zipping on by. Sony had their press conference earlier this morning, showing off lots of cool new things they want to accomplish over the next year, including a $40 price cut to the PS4 in Japan. Between Kingdom Hearts (2.8...can we stop with the numbers SquareEnix? I'm so confused on where this series is going) and King of Fighters, Sony had a big presentation ready for the media.

Capcom stopped in to talk about a new project, an online FPS for Resident Evil, aka Biohazard, called Umbrella Corps. You can run AND shoot at the same time.


The game was created in celebration of 20 years of Biohazard, on top of the announcement that past games will be getting the remake treatment. The game is set up to be more of a competitive FPS with rankings, score boards, and the like. You can play team vs team or team vs zombies. Few other details were provided at the conference, other then showing off some of the new weapons and cover mechanics. It's set to release in early 2016 in Japan. No notes about a North America or Europe release, but given that the trailer was posted online for the Western-crew, it's safe to assume we'll see it overseas sometime next year.


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