Monday, September 28, 2015

Cosplay Catwalk

Western Canada Fashion Week, WCFW and yes that really is a thing, tried to add in something geeky this year by allowing cosplayers onto the catwalk to show off their sewing skills. Vicky Lau, aka Vivid Vision, was selected to be one of the first to use the runway to present the variety of cosplay to mainstream audiences - or as mainstream as fashion can be. Only one original design was presented, and that was Anna from Frozen in a warrior/cross-over. Lau's theme was 'Female Warriors.'

I don't imagine this transferring into New York Fashion Week anytime soon, but it's nice to see that geeky culture is getting a say in clothing. To note these will NOT be mass produced. This is more of a showcase of skills from the non-fashion industry in Canada, that could influence the future of designs.

WCFW is not the first to do this. San Diego Comic Con invited Her Universe for a second year to allow designers around the country a chance to showcase original fashions inspired by geeky things - such as Dr. Who, Star Wars, Aliens, etc. It culminates in an amazing showing of geeky things that we would all love to have in a retail, slimmed down version.

Welcome to the future! It's turning geeky.


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