Monday, October 05, 2015

Rock Band 4 Releasing Tomorrow? Already?!

Did you know that Rock Band 4 is releasing tomorrow? I was just as surprised given how vocal Harmonix has been in getting user feedback and trying to revive the music games genre, that there was little promotion for it's release. I only found out about it because Kotaku posted about Guitar Hero Live set to release with Activision later this month to counter the Rock Band debut.

I wonder why we're only hearing about it now. Unless you're a die hard Rock Band fan, you're probably in the same situation as myself: wondering about the song line-up, and what's new to bring people back to the game.

From what I can tell, the song list is the most expansive in any Rock Band game to date, with over 60 songs available at release. And it does encompass a variety of bands: R.E.M., Foo Fighters, Judas Priest, The Cure, and Grouplove, just to name a few. Like past games, you can import your song list into the latest version, and that includes any DLC you purchased. There is a freestyle mode with guitar, vocals, and drums, something that was tested in game 3, but wasn't fully fleshed out. New "Show" modes allow you to connect to multi-player with a bit more ease, build multiple song sets, and have a voting system so everyone can have a chance to decide what song to play next. The game will also support all Legacy controllers from past Rock Band games. If you bought an official Rock Band controller in the past, it'll work for 4.

And that's what I've got so far. Nothing Earth shattering, but it's nice to know you don't have to drop $250 on a brand new bundle if you still have all of the original controllers for XBox 360. No word on if there's an adapter for the PS3/PS4 yet.

If you pick this up, give us your review! We'd love to hear what's going on with the new game and if it's worth the money.


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