Monday, December 07, 2015

FF7 Remake To Be Released In Episodes?

The PlayStation Experience kicked off this weekend with new trailers and some cool content you can get now for the holidays. Because it's the season to spend money. Why not give it all to Sony, right? You can still get a few deals on this year's releases through the PlayStation Network until December 8th.

But let's talk about the big how-to-do in the room and that's the Final Fantasy VII remake. Which I kind of glossed over at E3 because I was more interested in the new games Sony had to show off. New content is good kids, I promise. We know you want to fan girl and boy to your heart's content about one of the most successful games in the history of the PlayStation, but it's okay to branch out and try new things. I promise. That's how our medium will grow, and how we will move forward as people.

Soapbox moment aside, people freaked out of the trailer at E3 and another was released over the weekend focusing on "the beginning." We see Cloud Strife as he accepts his contract with Avalanche and how he, and the team of Biggs, Wedge, Jessie, and Barret make their way through the slums of Midgar to the reactor and the cool train jumping scene, which kicked off the original game. Weird cuts aside, it looked pretty. I'm not fully convinced on the combat as it looked like it was playing off of FF15's system, and i really do not like it. At all. Both demo's of it had me shaking my head. I want to see the turn-based style make a return and it can work, while being fluid. You've done it before SquareEnix.

The biggest news to come out though was a press release from SE about the release of FF7 and what may happen to it. Kotaku pointed out a key phrase in the release that is causing a lot of stirring on the interwebs by fans.

"FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE will be told across a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience."

Um...say what?

This almost sounds like an episodic release along the lines of The Walking Dead and Life is Strange.

Say what?!?

Kotaku is still working on getting full confirmation, but it seems like what has been stated by SE so far, they are going to be breaking up FF7 into multiple parts. To be fair, from the start SE did say that they were going to approach FF7 differently then they would have in the past, and that could mean episodic releases. There's a lot of story to tell in that universe. We have three other games and two movies to prove it. SE's concern is that if they attempt to put everything that they want into a new version of the game, they would have to eliminate content, pair it down, and not give a true FF7 experience. Apparently rendering everything for Sector's 1 and 8 in Midgar was too much to handle, if they expect to have that quality of game play throughout the full disc.

As it stands, we're still looking for clarification on SE, because this is riling up a lot of fans who have been waiting for a remake for years and expect it to be in one, stand-alone product. Now it looks like it's going to be more about trying to bleed money from us. SE we heart you, but we pay a lot, in time and money, for your content already. Don't make it worse.

Ideally, I think people would be more at ease if the original game was remade and released, without new content, into the pretty graphics we've been seeing. Any additional content such as "the beginning" or events in-between the main story could be released as mini-episodes. It gives the fans what they want, and they can opt out of buying the side stories. If the full game is broken up like this, SE will see major backlash.

I'll echo a statement made on Kotaku by a commenter. Can we call it 'pulling a Konami' whenever a company fudges up?


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