Monday, January 04, 2016

Expectations for The Geek Spot - The 2016 Edition

Welcome to the new year, where we get one extra day in February (thanks Leap Year). It seems like 2015 sped by, so hopefully time will slow down a bit and I can get some additional gaming in. Properly. I don't want to spend a year finishing 1 game.

So what can you expect from The Geek Spot in 2016?

First off, I'd like to include more Let's Play's with first time game runs. And with streaming becoming more accessible, I want to try and have a weekly play session of games to work in conjunction with this blog. I enjoyed it on my Act I play through of Dragon Age II and I want to continue it. My personal schedule in January is a bit rough, so this probably won't begin until February, at the earliest. But I had fun with the chat room banter on Twitch and seeing the follow-up comments to the postings. I need to do this more.

And the goal will still be to play games that I've never played before. A first look for me, and probably a 500th look for you, where you can watch and enjoy my gaming ways. Because that's part of the fun of playing a game for the first time: failing hard core and joking about it.

I also want to continue to provide thought-provoking pieces about the gaming world (industry, fandom, and everything in between). I felt that I stepped up my own writing game in 2015, and I want to keep the momentum going. They may not always be the most popular topics, but I feel they are a part of this blog that sets it a part from other gaming sites. I want to provide new, unique content here. Along with the silly gaming stories, and poking fun at WhatCulture lists. It's a requirement now.

My other goal is to get you, the readers, more involved. I know you're there. I can see the stats with a quick mouse-click. But engagement with a blog is part of the enjoyment of sitting and reading my musings. So tell me what I can do to encourage you all to comment more often (that's within legal and ethical reasons). I am curious to know and want to talk to you all more!

Following up on that statement, if there is anything that you'd like to see more of on The Geek Spot, tell me. I'm happy to add in new content, change up the format from time to time, and explore other areas of gaming. This blog started out as an experiment and has really grown over the years. It's no longer just my journey, but yours as well. Your input is just as important.


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