Friday, January 08, 2016

Weekly Link Round-Up

Take in a deep breath. Open up your senses. Do you smell that? That oddly sweet and yet pungent order in the air? It's another Weekly Round-Up! Let's see what gaming news the internet cooked up this time.

- Someone on 3DM, a Chinese hacking forum, made the claim that breaking into video games is going to no longer be possible in as little as 2 years. And that sent the internet buzzing. Good source It's not as though they are wrong, but getting comments from the companies that have designed the anti-hacking software and firmware would have been more reliable. The recent Denuvo release, which is used in games like Just Cause 3, works as an anti-tamper detection system. In order to break into the game, you have to break into Denuvo first, which is a challenge unto it's own with it's encryption system constantly changing. Eventually content is going to be difficult to crack as technology moves forward. We all knew this would happen soon enough.

- WhatCulture! It's a new year and you're already hitting us heavy with the gaming lists. Glad to have you around to keep us entertained with your ramblings. This time they have a list of the 12 more replayable games of 2015. Now when I think of replayable games, I don't typically go after RPG epics as they take forever to run through. Once is usually enough to hold me down for half a year before I feel the need to pick it up again. So having Witcher 3, MGS5, and Fallout 4 on the list is insane. Most of us just finished up Fallout. We really don't have the time to play it again. Even if the mods are cool.

- Critical Distance has a Video Game Blogger of the Year. I did not know this. Inverse spoke with the 2015 selection, Gita Jackson - editor at Paste, about the honor and what writing means to her. It also dives into the issue of game criticism and diversity. Really great read. Oh, and there's no actual award for Blogger of the Year. No cash prize. Nada. But recognition by your peers is always worth more then a trophy.

- As we move ever closer to VR becoming a gaming staple, Post Bulletin looks at how games will change in 2016 to accommodate the growth. Not only do we have the Oculus Rift and the Sony version of VR to release this year, but Nintendo's first mobile game will be out soon. And the growth of the indie scene will really spark creative, out of the box, thinking. There's a lot to look forward to with gaming this year.

- Roblox will be released on XBox One on January 28th, completely free! For those who don't know, Roblox is the new indie creative gaming tool dejour. RPG Maker for the new age. You can create levels and combat designs from scratch using the pre-generated content from the tool. It's mostly blocky looking - an elevated Minecraft if you will, but it has produced some compelling content. The XBox One version looks really clean and easy to use. And the tool will come bundled with 15 games developed through Roblox. Download it while you can!

- Psychonauts 2 has passed their 3.3 million funding goal. The power of geeks wallets continues to shine.

Personal Note: I'm looking for games to start my "Let's Play" series next month. Start commenting on popular game titles that you'd like to see me play. I'll be picking games that are well known but I have not played (because there are too many to get through them all).


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