Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Ragers' Getting Tagged in Street Fighter V

Capcom is on top of those rage quitters in Street Fighter V, already sending a number of players scores crashing including the top-ranked player in the world. A week ago, Capcom promised to address the rage quitting issue with the game - at the time there were no penalties for those who disconnected from the game intentionally in order to maintain their good score. They asked for help from the gamers to provide video proof or any screenshots showing people quitting during matches where it's clear that they were rage quitting, and not a server disconnect. They also made a follow-up post regarding those who have server issues that they won't be penalized. If you DC every once in a while, you have nothing to worry about.

While Capcom hasn't fully outlined their policy for rage quitting or how they plan to monitor them in the future, the initial reaction has not been to ban. Nope. Instead they are kicking away their gamer scores to reflect the number of times they have rage quit, thus having an unfair advantage of a clean record. One user by the name of World_Combo was one of the first to reach the Super Platinum rank with 10k+ LP. An hour after the tactic was implemented, the user dropped to a Bronze ranking with 675 LP.


Capcom started last week with 30 players docking their LP. They have also no need for videos or screenshots at this point, as they are monitoring internet connections instead - since there should be an obvious trend with rage quitters and how often they disconnect. Capcom has mentioned in their latest blog posting that this is the current solution, but they are looking towards a more permanent idea in the future.

Still a few problems to work out, but it's a start.


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