Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Want to Boycott Target? Then Add These Gaming Companies to Your List

This article on The Daily Beast popped up on my news feed this morning, and it is really funny. It's a list of all the things you would have to boycott if you are anti-transgender and support laws that discriminate against them, like which bathroom they can use. Because the world doesn't have anything more important to focus on, so let's talk about why a transgender man can't use a bathroom that coincides with the gender they identify with.

I'm more concerned about having to rush into a stall and there is no toilet paper, anywhere, then I am about an LGBT person sharing the same restroom as me. Who gives a flying flip? We all have to go, so let us go! Simple as that.

The list is based off the 2016 CEI (Corporate Equality Index) report created by the Human Rights Campaign, which businesses can opt into. It looks at multiple areas of the business to determine if they are on par with providing rights and benefits to everyone that walks through their door. That includes equal employment opportunities, health care, training, employee resources, etc. And there are a lot of companies on this list who hit the 90-100 mark (A's and perfect scores). Such as American Airlines and Sears. There are also gaming companies and social media outlets on the list to. I thought it would be amusing to point out those as well to kind of rub it in the face of the boycotters. Because hey...if you really want to be anti-transgender and not do business with people who support equal right, then you better get ready to dump your consoles and social media. You are going to be really bored.

On the list we have all versions of Sony. SCEA's point value is 80, which is on the low-end of the spectrum compared to the rest, but Sony Pictures, Sony Entertainment, and Sony Corp are earned a 100. They are ethnic, female, handicapped, multi-religion, LGBT friendly. So put away your PS4 and stop going to Sony movies.

That means your XBox 360 and XBoxOne as well. Microsoft has scored 100 for the past 2 years. Your Nintendo is still safe, since the list focuses on US companies. Though they would probably rank high as well.

Okay so half of your consoles are gone. You can still shop online, right? eBay is in the 100 range, and Amazon is at 85. And if Amazon is on the list at 85, you know Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and Instagram are on there too, all scoring 100.

But wait...almost every major cable and internet provider in the country scored above 80, so you can't even use the internet! If you have Time Warner, Verizon, or AT&T then kiss the internet good bye. That includes mobile too with Sprint and T-Mobile. Which rules out some phones too. If you can't use the carrier, there's a good chance you can't use the phone either. Apple Inc. has scored 100 for the past 2 years as well.If you use Charter Communications? Well you are in luck. They scored a pitiful 10.

In fact, just get rid of your computer entirely. Cysco, Nvidia, AMD - every major computer manufacturer in the US ranks above 90. So goodbye to your computer!

So what's left for entertainment. Books! I stores can't be LGBT friendly, right? Barnes & Noble, one of the largest and last remaining book sellers available, scored 100 as well.

Moral of the story: progress is going to happen. If you want to be that jerk who feels they need to boycott everything because they don't agree with diversity and human rights/equality, go right ahead. Enjoy your un-fun life of no video games, cell phones, internet, movies, or books. The rest of us are perfectly happy supporting businesses that promote equality.


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