Tuesday, May 24, 2016

E3's First Public Event

Something really cool was announced this week: E3 will have a separate event outside of the convention center for gamers called E3 Live. Completely free. Though tickets have all been claimed, it does offer gamers a chance to see what's inside and experience the new games coming out this year and not have to sit on their computers, waiting for updates from GameSpot. The event will take place Tuesday through Thursday in downtown Los Angeles. They will also have exclusive merchandise that you can only get at E3, gaming competitions, music, and some of the devs from across the way will make appearances.

For those who couldn't get a ticket? That's okay. E3 is planning on having a live stream through YouTube and GameSpot to allow people to see more of the show floor and game play then they have in the past. YouTube just launched an E3 gaming hub.

I have to say, I'm kind of happy with the direction E3 is going. Hopefully this works out for them. The past few years have been iffy since the expo didn't have a stable direction. They were trying too hard to please developers that they shut out gaming fans. And then they tried to please gaming fans, but then didn't satisfy investors. It's been a weird dance. But with these updates, it looks like they plan to cater more towards the gamers - we are the consumers. The whole point of the show is to develop hype for people to buy.

Expect nerdgasims to rise on social media in 3 weeks when E3 opens.


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