Thursday, May 05, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

With so much random gaming news on the internet today, it seemed best to post the Weekly Round Up now before the goodies are buried tomorrow by other sites.

- WhatCulture's list of the week is 10 Video Games You Didn't Realize Gave Away Their Major Twists. What does that mean, you may wonder? Basically the game tells you the secrets within the game but indirectly. The Dead Space example is probably the best, where if you look at the first letter of each chapter title it spells out 'Nicole is dead.' One of your major goals in the game as Issac is to find your girlfriend Nicole, who is presumed alive for most of the game. The rest of the I mean the FF7 one is not a give-away on the Aerith/Aeris death. Cait Sith's fortune could have applied to several people at that point in the game. The same situation with Red Dead Redemption. The man in black is a classic look for morticians in Western movies. If you couldn't figure out what was going to happen to John Marston after the third encounter with this man, then all hope is lost.

- Is the future of gaming going Free to Play? That's the question The Verge is asking, and even though the stats seem low for players that buy game content, many mobile and MMO games go this route. It's a 19 minute segment, but worth your time to get another point of view about the dynamic that is changing gaming. When you look at a company like EA, where over half their digital transaction last year ($1.3 billion dollars) are from microtransactions in free to play games, or in-gaming content, it's clear that there is money to be made.

- IGN has a list of the Top 10 Secret Bosses in Games. I don't know if this list means they are the "best" bosses or they best at being secret, because most of these are really easy to find and require little effort. Like Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts II, Culex in Super Mario RPG, and Emerald & Ruby Weapon in Final Fantasy VII. The last one in particular, those suckers are swimming in the ocean and standing in a sand dune outside the Gold Saucer. How can you NOT see them?

- The World Video Game Hall of Fame has added 6 more titles to their archives, and finally Oregon Trail is getting the recognition it deserves! Rejoice! The Sims and Sonic the Hedgehog will be joining the group as well. But it's about time Oregon Trail is highlighted for it's adventuring greatness!

- Want to know what it took to be cool in the 1980's arcade scene? Atlas Obscura found an article from 1982 that covers just that, and all the tackyness that is included.

- Another actress in skimpy, boobie armor, is being used in video game promotions. Megan Fox is teaming with the developers behind Stormfall, an online mobile game. Her character is a noblewoman or a princess who has casted aside her upbringing and choose to be a warrior. A warrior with no pants and a chest-piece that barely covers her. If you're interested, GameSpot interviewed her. I'll just continue to sit here and roll my eyes as developers once again pander to the male audience with non-practical female armor.

- And I don't know if this is a real article, but Snopes currently yields no results from this. Apparently an Egyptian official blames the cartoon Tom and Jerry to the rise of violence in the Middle East. Somehow Tom and Jerry set the precident that the violence in their animated show is real and totally okay to replicate. "“[Tom and Jerry] portrays the violence in a funny manner and sends the message that, yes, I can hit him…and I can blow him up with explosives. It becomes set in [the viewer’s] mind that this is natural,” said Ambassador Abdel Sadek. Yeah. Okay. Cartoon violence is totally the reason for Middle East violence. I'm pretty sure there were no beheadings in the cartoon.


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