Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

It's the weekly edition of the Weekly Link Round Up.

I know that wasn't the most riveting opening line, but work with me today. It's been a tough week, personally. So let's liven it up a bit with snippets of the best, and weirdest, gaming news online! What's on the menu today?

- Where's a cool place to work? Well according to USA Today, it's EA's Tiburon office. They have a ball pit. In the middle of a conference table. Apparently that's all we need as adults to make us happy.

- GamesRadar looks at gaming trailers, and the most important component to them: you. That may seem like a cop-out response, but it's fairly accurate. Without you, the trailer means nothing. A trailer is the developer's opportunity to get you into the game. And this article by Alan Bradley takes a good look at the process.

- And for another proof of concept, GameRant covers how video games can positively discuss mental health. It provides some great insight into the growing world of indie games and the content being produced to tackle the issues surrounding hundreds of millions of people.

- As many of you know, Lionhead Studios is no more. The Guardian has written a fantastic overview on the history of the company, from birth to the end, and the numerous innovations the developer game to the gaming community.

- Sometime over the past few weeks, Senator Al Franken has questions about privacy and the Oculus Rift. Since Facebook owns the company and it'll link users to their Facebook account, of course privacy would be a concern. Facebook does quite a bit with our data that you may not be aware of.

- Looking for a quick laugh? There's a Tumblr for that. Kotaku shared a Tumblr designed around bad video game press releases. And yes, it's as silly as it sounds. Enjoy.


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