Thursday, June 30, 2016

Legacy of Bad Games - And That's Okay!

Vice contributor Mike Diver spent some time with a man named Sos. In the development community he's known as "that" guy. The one who doesn't care about making it big; touting a product that took millions to produce with fancy graphics and jaw-dropping story lines. He's in the business to have fun and make as many games as possible. All of them are playable, most of them are pretty bad. But hey! That's okay! Sos Sosowski is all about producing games for enjoyment. Even if you're frustrated by the nightmare that is DOOM Piano, your friends and the internet are loving every moment of it. Sos' website glorifies the fact that he makes terrible games.

The interview with Sos is refreshing, in that it's not the typical affair one sees with a game developer. Sos is blunt, dynamic, and stylish with hos he describes his work. He doesn't boast about the content or game play, but he knows people are going to have fun. They are throw-away games; good for a few minutes of entertainment and then you're done. Though I'm sure there are marathons of DOOM Piano going on somewhere in the world to see if people can actually complete the darn thing. But his games are also very innovative and utilize microphones, web cameras, and the like to direct characters on the screen. Back before the Kinect and Move, you could tell an NPC to walk with a Sos game.

The list of game titles he has produced over the years are astronomical. He boasts that he's created over 100, fully finished games. Games that can be played, but may not look the best, and that's okay! That's part of his style. From Shoot Yetis with a Machete in a Sewer to Pork the Hamster, the games are meant to make us tilt our heads and click on the button. That's some good marketing right there. A number of these games were created during timed development sessions, or the 0h Game Jam. So they may not look polished, but they are playable. So if you have some time to waste today, reading the Vice article is worth your minutes, to jump into the mindset of a man who doesn't want to be part of the "in-club" of game designers. He's doing his own thing and having fun with it.


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