Thursday, June 23, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

Dear Readers,

This week I am exhausted. Having to take over a co-workers job after he announces an impromptu retirement (and subsequently leaving the day of) has left me with very little energy. So today's post will be a Weekly Link Round Up to get the writing juices back into motion. Possibly tomorrow as well. We'll see how the news is treating me for the rest of the week.

I hope you all enjoy and commiserate with me on the best, and worst, gaming news on the internet.


A really tired writer at The Geek Spot

- Rolling Stone Magazine must have a love for Quake that few of us knew, because they have devoted an article to the franchise, it's 20th anniversary, and how it changed gaming. Check out the history of Quake and the random tidbits you probably didn't know - Trent Reznor made his soundtrack debut with Quake. That's pretty cool.

- Looking for the indie games that were at E3 this year? Ars Technica has a video wrap-up of the games on the show floor, and highlights some endearing indie games that you probably didn't know about! Most of the video is meh. They are trying to do a US vs UK thing on gaming tastes, but the indie content is worth the watch.

- Kratos is growing up! And so are video games according to Tech Insider. If you haven't seen the new God of War game play released at E3 this year, Tech Insider gives a general overview of what you see, and how the new direction in the franchise is making the demi-God Kratos feel more human. The rest of the article is a complete wash since gaming has a long way to go in moving beyond tropes to tell stories, but the new Kratos is worth a look.

- WhatCulture is giving us 7 games that have confusing plots, but they make more sense then you realize. The problem with the list, other then it's from WhatCulture (hah), is that the games mentioned are plot lines that are not difficult to figure out. Eventually you get to the end and realize "it was all a dream" or some crap like that. Even BioShock makes a lot of sense when you reach the end. There are multiple side-stories in these games that may still be confusing, but the general story is pretty straight forward. Even their entry for Kingdom Hearts is pointless. Convoluted plot? Sure. Difficult to comprehend? Nope! If their wiki page can summarize the plot in a paragraph, you can understand it.

- The movie Pixels is still a running joke among movie critics and a number of gamers for being terrible. Not even laughably bad to the point where it could be on MST3K. It's just bad. And Honest Trailers really rips into the movie, and Adam Sandler's career. Warning: do not watch if you are a Sandler fan. The movie still turned a profit, and Sandler is posting some high numbers with his Netflix deal so...good on him for bouncing back from the negative reviews. At least he's doing what he loves.

- If you have any interest in the new Ghostbusters movie, Sony Pictures and Activision have teamed up to provide you a copy of the film for free when you purchase the Ultimate Bundle of the new Ghostbusters game for PS4. The bundle will include 4 DLC packs and 2 dashboard themes. The bundle will be released on July 12, 3 days before the film is in theaters nationwide on July 15th. Kind of cool if you're into that thing.

- Curious about that Death Stranding teaser by Kojima? The famed game developer responded to questions earlier this week to clear up some of the theories surrounding the trippy, Norman Reedus adventure. In doing so, more questions have been asked. But for certain we know that the baby Reedus holds is not him nor is it his child. The baby is also not a representation of Kojima's rebirth into the gaming world, nor does it have affiliation with Konami. Enjoy figuring out what it all means!

 - The problem with video game movies will always be a topic for discussion, even as Warcraft breaks international box office records. (how the hell do you say that name?) attempts to review the problem once more, and provide solutions. BUT! The article isn't written from the perspective of a gamer, as so many others have. Instead, a pro movie critic and incredibly casual gamer, who admits to having a Steam library with a paltry 20 games consisting of Triple A titles, wants to dive in and look at solutions. Based on his past articles, he cares about the geek culture in a different way. He doesn't affiliate himself as being a comic book nerd, anime fan, or part of the Dr. Who alumn. His work reads as though he is a fan of fantasy transcending reality to appear on the movie screen. That's kind of cool. Take a look at the article on how video games can be better movies, from a film critic perspective.


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