Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gaming Press Conferences

Peter Moore doesn't think that gaming press conferences have a future. That's the word according to the EA mogul while at Gamescon this week. This year a number of larger companies, such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft either held low-key events or were out of the scene entirely. While Gamescon is at an odd time of year, just 2 months after E3, and is settled in Germany, it poses a challenge to developers. Many of us know that the release schedule for games typically goes Japan/NA first (sometimes Japan then NA), and Europe second several months later. The timeline for releases is more spread out, so announcing content and new games becomes moot when the audience will have to wait longer to get their hands on the product.

But! The big shift with these events is to go online. This year's E3 had a big push of streaming coverage of conferences. The intimate nature of the press seeing content first is no longer a thing. Even Nintendo said no to such a session at E3 and gave the content all online to gamers.

Is this a surprise?

The flash of the stage shows, while sometimes fun, has been dwindling. We're not as impressed as we use to be. We just want the games and we want them now. And when the majority of your sales is to gamers, not the press, you would be wise to market to them. That's what Moore is getting at. What do you think? Is Mr. Moore correct?


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