Monday, August 01, 2016

New Pokémon Go Updates Upsets Users

Some unfortunate updates to Pokémon Go have left some users asking for refunds from Niantic, the developer behind the app.

Yesterday the game pushed out a new version that removed the in-game tracking system for catching the digital creatures. The footprints that would accompany Pokémon in the "Nearby" tab have now vanished. Granted the feature was buggy to begin with, but at least it gave you a general idea of how far away a certain monster was. Instead you have no way to chart their movements. It's also noted that the iOS version of the app no longer has the battery saver mode - why that's been removed is unknown but that will be a big point of contention for a number of Apple users.

And to make things worse, CEO John Hanke responded to an interview regarding the Go maps being created for players to locate PokeStops, Gyms, and Pokémon. He doesn't like them; at all. The new version released also made API changes that have decimated maps and apps like PokeVision. Daniel Gary, the creator of Found'em All, a Windows 10 based app, commented that these updates to Go are causing a lot of havoc. And Pokemon that use to return when you query a location has now been reduced, making it harder to track the monsters. It's no surprise that cease and desist letters from Niantic are also circling the app community.

A lot of people are now asking for refunds or opting to uninstall the app until Niantic addresses the issues. Without any tracking system, in game or out, people don't want to play. And they still haven't addressed the Pokémon population issues outside of city areas. I'm still lucky if I see 1 pocket monster in my neighborhood. Drive into the downtown area? They litter the place. It sucks.

About the only "good" improvement with the update is that a secondary message now appears after the loading screen reminding people to not walk into unsafe areas. I guess that's something to be happy for?


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