Friday, August 05, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

This blogger is in dire need of a cute puppy/kitty photo overdose. Bad morning.

Good thing that it's the Weekly Link Round-Up! We can ignore the world for a little bit and focus on gaming.

- QuakeCon is going on right now in Dallas, Texas. The annual convention for all things Bethesda is still sticking to the roots and providing a crazy event for anyone that crosses the threshold of the convention center. It's still free, unless you want to join in the BYOC events, and there is sure to be some talk of the new Quake game that was announced at E3 this year.

- Speaking of Quake Champions was demoed at the event yesterday! Take a look.

- Cosplayers, if you are heading to Gamescon this year, the association running the event has just announced that no toy weapons will be allowed on the floor.. In the wake of the recent violence in Germany, and globally, the organizers have decided to ban all fake weapons. They are also asking attendees to not bring any bags or sacks unless absolutely necessary. Everything will be subject to additional searches at the doors. The last request will be tricky - as a gamer who has attended a ton of gaming events, we all bring backpacks to hold our swag. We get a lot of freebes. Where do you want us to store them? We're certainty not going to be able to hold it all and it's more of a safety issue to have people jostling items constantly. But! Something to be aware of with the event nearing.

- Pokémon Go's roll-out has hit Brazil and people are already pouncing on the servers. Olympic gymnast Kohei Uchimura, one of the top contenders for gold this year, has already racked up a 5,000 Yen bill since arriving in Rio. But his cell carrier is being incredibly forgiving and reduced the payment back to to 30 Yen. Why can't we get cell companies like that in the US?

- In a story that should shock no one, Overwatch blasted sales records last quarter with an estimated 15 million players, and over $500 million in revenue to Activision Blizzard. This is the first game to displace Riot's League of Legends as they saw a downswing in game play after the release of Overwatch. It's the fastest selling PC game in China of all time and one of the most viewed search terms on Reddit. Overwatch isn't going to go away anytime soon, gamers.

- WhatCulture has a list of 13 sequels that are better then the original game! Let's see what's in store. On the list we have Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Donkey Kong Country 2, and Final Fantasy 9. Okay. Hold up. I have a load of problems with this list. First off, Final Fantasy 9 is not a sequel to anything. It's a standalone game. To argue that it's better then Final Fantasy 7 is one thing. To argue it's a better sequel is another, because it has 0 relationship to 7! Why would you even, WhatCulture? You know better! Next, SMW2 is better then the first? Super Mario World is the epitome of gaming on the Super Nintendo. Same with Donkey Kong Country. So don't even try to claim otherwise. They also list Perfect Dark as a sequel to Golden Eye and even mention that it's not a why even...okay. Fail. You get the stamp of fail today WhatCulture. Go back and try again.

- Den of Geek has an interesting piece on how Metroid created atmospheric gaming. To say a game has atmosphere is another way of proclaiming it has immersed the user into the world of that game. Den of Geek proposes a good argument for Metroid and the limited technology didn't deter them from creating an in-depth experience. From the decisive beeps in the soundtrack, to the evolving backdrops, there is an elegance to Metroid that few other NES games can claim to have achieved.

- Interested in the financial side of VR technology? Bloomberg has you covered with the long term investments on the gear, and what it means for consumers down the line. It might sound dull, but it's quite a read to get a better idea of where businesses are looking to target VR on the market, and they're not all geared towards gamers!

- Finally, because we need more silly news, fans of the Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad movies want to shut down the entertainment review site RottenTomatoes for the poor scores on both films. They have started a petition on, which only has just over 5,800 signatures on it as of this post. They claim to know that the petition won't resolve the concerns, but they want to send a message to reviewers and critics alike that jumping onto a bandwagon to hate on a film is not acceptable. Because that's the best way to get a message across? Look. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, particularly entertainment critics. That's their job. You have the option to agree or disagree with them. That's your responsibility as a consumer. You choose what you want to like. So get over it. There are way more important things going on in the world.


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