Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

It's one of those days where all of the topics I had prepped to sit down and write about have left my head.

Lucky you, readers! That means you get an early round of the Weekly Link Round Up! Rejoice!

- Jordan Minor on Geek.com would like for Ubisoft to have their own version of a Brexit and allow it's subsidiaries to have more reign over development. Ubisoft's current model with creating games is to give pieces out to multiple studios, globally. If you've played an AssCreed game, you'll have seen the message about the multicultural viewpoints. The problem is that it produces conflicting content, and doesn't allow the other studios to flourish. They are all stuck under the thumb of Ubisoft and can't create their own games. Minor believes this is stifling the creative powers, and they need to be set free. Valid points, even if it's just one game every few years, Ubisoft could relax the leash a bit.

- Reports are surfacing that Steam, Sony, and Amazon are offering refunds for No Man's Sky outside of the return policy. Enough gamers are concerned with the lack of content in the game, that they want their money back. You could argue that if someone has played for more then 30 hours, they shouldn't be entitled to one. But it's also a game about exploration with no end goal, and little content beyond finding new planets with similar looking creatures. 30 hours may seem like a lot to you, but for some gamers, that might be just a drop in a bucket for a game that offers unlimited exploration. 30 hours out of a billion is nothing. Hello Games hasn't made an official comment about the refunds yet, but it's adding more concerns to the game developer's future.

- PewDiePie's second video game is releasing soon and will explore life as a Youtuber. That's it. His first game did well with mobile app stores, and he's working once again with developer Outerminds to produce the content. Best way to stay up to date with the game is to follow PewDiePie's Twitter feed. Otherwise...that's all I've got. Another gamer is making gaming even bigger.

- What the heck happened to game box art? The question was posed on Gizmodo Australia, and honestly I think a lot of game box art has sucked since the late 90's, early 2000's. So many of them replicate movie posters where it's the hero on the cover, looking ominously off into the distance at the challenge before them. Usually it's a dark cavern, or a tall, worn-down castle. There's nothing dynamic about the look when everything seems similar. App icons are no different. They tend to be catroonish with oversized character heads and little else. The only box art I can remember appreciating over the past decade has been for the Final Fantasy XI expansion packs. They are all in Amano's artwork and feature multiple characters, creatures, and settings. The Wings of the Goddess pack is astounding in it's composition. Box art is dying out as more content moves online. It's just a thing...but hey! More art books for us!

- German developer Kalypso Media, Tropico and Sins of a Solar Empire, has filed a claim against a Radioactive Software over an upcoming game release due to it's name. Kalypso owns the name "Urban Empire" a game that has been in development for several years, and has a website but no release date. Radioactive Software is set to release a game called "Urban Empires" early next year. See the difference? Kalypso claims the name is infringing on their rights to produce. With how wonky legal issues can be, this may move forward and receive a court date. But really, it's just a name guys! Get over it.

- New York Daily is taking a look back at the weird arcade game that is Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. MJ was no stranger to the early days of video games, having several titles on the NES, and Genesis. Moonwalker was a foray into the game halls where you use dance moves to destroy your enemies. Ah the innocence of early games. How quaint.

Special News from me:

- PAX West is in 3 days. Rejoice! I will do my best to stay up to date with the blog. But if connections are being weird, be sure to follow my Instagram and Facebook feeds. I will be capturing a lot of photos!


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