Extra Life Day Signal Boost!

Extra-Life is coming up. For those who don't know, I've been participating over the past 2 years to help raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. CMN provides assistance to families of sick kids who are unable to afford the insane medical expenses, and donates funds to researching cures.

What brings me back to Extra-Life every year is that the organization doesn't keep a single cent of their donations. They give everything to CMN. I've been a donator for years to streamers and various groups, and jumped onto the gaming bandwagon to help give back in new ways. It's been a fun experience, made more-so by having a team.

This isn't a blog post asking for donations to my team in particular. But a general post to remind everyone the importance of giving and how much your life has improved through the magic of gaming. Remember that first Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukah, birthday where you opened up the big box and saw that gaming system you've always wanted? You thanked your parents or Santa and played to your hearts content for years, loving that system through it all.

For a number of kids in the Children's Miracle Network, they don't have those memories. They spend a lot of their time in and out of hospitals, their parents making enough to put food on the table and being grateful that they can see one more sunrise.

Extra-Life is a chance for us, as gamers, to come together, stop being dicks to each other, and help out kids who are missing out on the joy of being kids. We give them a day of hope and healing through our donations, whether it's time or money.

November 5th is the day, but you don't have to wait to donate. You can do it today! And don't forget about the little guys! A lot of solo streamers and small teams make up the bulk of Extra-Life. We may not get the big money like Rooster Teeth or Nintendo, but we have just as much heart as the rest of them. If they don't get your donation, they may not return next year - even a dollar makes a huge difference.

I'll be playing on November 5th and 6th in 12 hour sessions along with my teammates, with an October date as well for game-day. We'll have a team game, most likely Jack Box games and attempting to web cam 'Million Dollars But...' so it'll be a fun event. We encourage everyone to join in, have some fun, and give a little money to the kids.